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What is the PR Project?

Your journey. Your story. Your potential, through the art of running, is ready to be realized.
potential:having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future
realization:the fulfillment or achievement of something desired or anticipated

PR Project Coaching for Middle & Long-Distance Runners

Events: 800m to Marathon

  • In-Person or Remote/Online
  • Precise, Detailed Training Plans
  • Proven Developmental Strategy
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PR Project Recruiting for High School or Transfer Middle & Long-Distance Runners

High School & Transfer
Mid/Long Distance Runners

  • In-Person or Remote/Online
  • Insider Information & Strategies
  • A Plan for YOU to not just "sign" somewhere, but to THRIVE wherever you go
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Why the PR Project?

Your potential is everything you are, and everything you ever dreamed of becoming. I want to help you until these dreams are fully realized.

Proven Training

  • Backed by Research
  • Precise Periodization
  • Consistently Faster & Greater Development

Authentic Relationship

  • Relationship driven programs
  • Development through teaching
  • Deep, Personal, and Real-Life Focused

Potential Realization

  • Instill Utmost Belief in Oneself
  • Train Hard, but Train Smart
  • Never Give-Up in the Face of Adversity

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